Better teaching: Assessment for Learning

The test is not the end point; it is merely a pit-stop or feeding station on the journey to better understand the topic.

AfL: Assessment for learning (as opposed to the current approact: assessment for burning)
Contrasts Assessment of Learning with Assessment for Learning. From
Formative use of Summative Tests: Marking  Blogpost from headteacherguru Tom Sherrington
Webpage of What Teachers Really Need to Know About Formative Assessment Table of contents to an online book by Laura Greenstein. From
Questions and answers about formative assessment Sample chapter from the book above.
Overview of AfL Includes links to activities (see below)

  practical examples of AFL to try in your classroom
How to give effective written feedback Lots of tips. Blogpost from huntingenglish
Feedback as a teaching strategy New website all about how to give effective feedback.
The importance of feedback for students cannot be underestimated Summary of key points from
Also lists disadvantages of traditional marking.
Extract from another research paper saying same thing. Feedback alone > feedback with grade > grade alone. Tweet from @larryferlazzo
Critique and Feedback -the butterfly effect From
Here's a simple way to get feedback from students on their way out the door Get them to drop cards with simple messages into a 'feedback' tray.
Approaches to ongoing assessment Guidelines to supporting a whole school approach from
Assessment For Learning What is Assessment as Learning? pdf document. Chapter 3
Assessment As Learning What is Assessment as Learning? pdf document. Chapter 4
A critique of AfL techniques to date Blogpost from PragmaticReform.
Speed dating for students Learning game. Blogpost from Function of Time
A Starting Point for Kagan Cooperative Learning pdf document
Interesting paper on Physics exam preparation: A comparison of three methods Stresses the importance of going back over incorrect answers from tests
Confessions of a converted lecturer

Eric Mazur. YouTube. 1 hour 20 mins
" I discovered my students were just  memorizing information rather than learning".

Something similar from another third level lecturer This time from Nobel laureate Carl Wieman. This is the abstract from Main piece is behind paywall.
The economics of the classroom -or- Why grades encourage bad habits From a college perspective, and possibly a bit optimistic but worth reading. From
China’s Latest Reform to Deemphasize Testing It's dubbed 'The Green Evaluation'. From
What can we learn from the approach in Finland Interview with Finland's from Inspector of Schools, courtesy of The Guardian
Why testing is such a valuable tool Use this post to show students why. From
(Me: don't call it 'testing'; call it 'a review' instead)
Frequent Tests Can Enhance College Learning, Study Finds Good to see that learning can improve at all levels.
From the
Reflection: activity page Short but very thought-provoking activity from
“The Silent Killer of Learning" Mazur Criticizes Traditional Forms of Assessments
Alfie Kohn - The (Alternative) Schools Our Kids Deserve YouTube. 1 hour
Nice idea for choosing names at random Image from pinterest
AfL Pet Top Tip Number 12 - Checking for Learning 5-5-1 Nice example of AfL from LittleMsAfL on YouTube
The Classroom Experiment What happens when you try to change the teaching in a school?
Three 1-hour programs. YouTube.

A counter to all the hoopla about importance of feedback.
Make up your own mind.

"Numerous studies—some of them dating back decades—have shown that frequent and immediate feedback can, contrary to intuition, degrade learning."
Intriguing post from
The Barometer Story You have seen this before - yes?
If Jesus was teaching today Blogpost includes a humerous take on The Beatitudes
Calvin n Hobbes - not impressed with exams. twitterpic