Improve your teaching: Academically exceptional
(otherwise known by that horrible term - "gifted")

Homepage of "Gifted Ireland is a meeting point for parents, teachers and adults interested in supporting and exploring the needs of gifted children and adults in Ireland."
Irish gifted education blog Homepage of
Homepage for the academically exceptional students in Ireland - lots of links and ideas
Nice summary of 'Streaming' as it stands today Blogpost from
Gifted and Talented pocketbook
Barry Hymer. Image of front cover on twitter
Lots of accounts out there of parents with children in this category - here is just one. Education only features a little, but it's not too comforting
Series of three inter-related blog posts    
A teacher's (headmaster's) take on this Blogpost from
So, what does ‘gifted’ mean anyway? .From the learning spy
How best are the gifted lifted? From Tom Bennett at TES
"All bright children needed to face more rigorous challenges at school to stop them wasting their potential." From
Carol Dweck on the "gifted curse" YouTube. 1 minute
Gifted Children Get Ignored in School Despite Huge Future Contribution to Society Blogpost from psychologist Jeremy Dean
School May Pose Challenges For Gifted Kids, Too, Study Says “There’s this idea that gifted students don’t really need any help”. Comments are also interesting.
From Rebecca Klein in